Best customer relationship management (CRM) software

Best customer relationship management (CRM) software
Ivan Pavlov
February 6, 2020
Last updated: February 6, 2020

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What is CRM software

Sales system is much more complicated than it might seem. Even though it might seem like closed deals are of the biggest importance, working in sales also means you collect information about those clients and aim at maintaining the relationships you built with customers.

Even though there are other ways you can perform the same functions, best CRM software makes everything much easier and more accessible. There is no need to come up with the perfect structure or use various tools and documents to store the information - everything can be kept in the same place using CRM. All emails, documents and vital details can be easily accessed which simplifies managing relationships a lot.

Those are both bigger and smaller businesses which can benefit from using a CRM system. As all the information about the deals is available for each worker of the company it can be used to improve statistics. At the same time, smaller enterprises can get done much more using a common CRM system with the lowest expenditures possible.

Biggest benefits of using a CRM system

There are several benefits which can be seen in the use of best online CRM software:

  • Contact storage. With CRM systems you can easily organize your customers’ contacts as well as other important information to keep everything on hand and have the communication going smoothly;
  • Sales tracking. It includes much more than just tracking the closed deals. You can also store important details such as calls and emails, meetings schedule and other;
  • Predicting sales. Data analysis can give you a great forecast. With CRM systems there is no need to use charts and formulas as the prediction can be achieved automatically;
  • Detecting flaws. Sales strategies might not always be successful, but you can easily detect those disadvantages looking through the data you have in your CRM;
  • Inter-team transparency. It is extremely easy to find out which customers have already been reached out to and avoid repetition and unnecessary work from other team members.

Best enterprise CRM software allow to optimize the working process of the whole sales department and have a deep insight into the overall workflow.

The best CRM software traits

There are also several features which you should look out for when searching for a CRM system:

  • Customizable interface. There are no businesses which function in the totally identical ways, so the software you use should be customizable depending on the needs of your particular team or project;
  • Simplicity. This trait can be vital for implementing a tool into work process. Modern tool with easy-to-understand features and appealing yet simple interface have much more chances of being used by workers than those developed decades ago;
  • Integrations. This feature is so important because each business already has some kind of storage, be it a simple chart or a well-developed software. But if you are looking for a new CRM system, you might be also interested in the possibility to transfer the data you already have into the new workspace. The fastest way to achieve this is through integrating the software you already used together with the newer tool;
  • Pricing. It is definitely important to choose the most advantageous option price-wise. In case of big corporations and enterprises this might not be the issue, but smaller businesses will definitely be interested in the software which offers the biggest potential with the lowest expenses possible.

Choosing best CRM software: best options

CRM systems are used to manage company relationships with the already existing customers as well as with those who can potentially become ones. All activities connected to communication, sells, contracts and other features can be stored here and used respectively. And as modern businesses are constantly changing and evolving, having no place to store such information can make the whole communication much more complicated. We suggest to learn more about CRM systems in general as well as discover the most interesting and useful examples of the best CRM software.

Top 6 CRM software

If you believe you are in need of a CRM system, the main issue you are going to face is having too many options on the market. Choosing the best one to work with is extremely important, so we made a selection of the best CRM software to offer.

Bitrix24 CRM software

Bitrix24 free crm software

If you are both looking for a CRM system, but also for a communication and management platform Bitrix24 is the perfect choice for you. Everything you might need and even more can be now found in the same place.

The CRM itself consists of several features. The visualisation of the sales process is achieved through using a simple Kanban style board which allows to track the stages of deal completion as well as see the people who are responsible for it. Prices and expenses can be seen in the system as well. Each deal you have includes its own card which contains each detail of the process starting from the very first communication with the customer. Here you can find messages and emails, call records as well as all of the details regarding a particular stage of working with a client.

Sometimes situations happen when clients initiate communication through various sources and this way two identical deals can appear. CRM system analyzes cases and deals and offers a solution of merging them together. But you can also choose settings to go through the deals yourself and solve such issues manually.

If you need to discuss a particular deal, there are several options you can use. First of all, comments to the deal card are available. Apart from them chat rooms for people participating in the work can be created. As for other sides of communication, if your client has a chat on the website all of the messages will be automatically transferred to Bitrix24 and stored in the same place as well.

Among other features Bitrix24 offers is also the possibility to automate selling processes. In case you need to send emails or show advertisements you can choose the corresponding settings in the CRM system and everything will be done for you. It is both possible to use templates from the website or create your own as well as choose different settings for various sections of your clients.

Repeated tasks can be assigned automatically as well. You can use ready-made scripts and plans to optimize the work and make it more simple for managers. Reports and analysis are available as well which can be used to improve the work of the sales department as well as for detecting flaws and coming up with issue solutions.

Zoho CRM software

Zoho crm software

Zoho CRM system is another great tool used by businesses worldwide. It is simple and convenient to use yet it has a pleasant and minimalistic interface.

Communication with customers gets a lot of attention in Zoho CRM. It is possible to keep in touch using any tools you prefer: starting from telephone calls and emails and up to social media. There are also chats which can be used directly on the platform. Regardless of the communication method you choose the information about the deal can be stored here as well. Stages, updates and expenses discussed with the client all can be seen here. Depending on the analysis of the communication you have you can also adjust it choosing the most effective way to contact a client.

Another valuable tool Zoho CRM offers is data analysis. Anytime you want to estimate your company performance you can use reports and insights offered by Zoho to see how the business is goins. You can check how the general activities are going, how successful the sells were this month or quarter. It is also possible to get predictions for the future performance according on your current situation and improve the plan respectively.

Automation also comes in handy talking about sales. There is no longer a need to invest your time into assigning the same tasks over and over as the mechanism can easily do it for you. This way workers will get assignments timely, the work can be distributed evenly and no important details will be forgotten. Automation also regards the customers as the emails and other repeated information can be sent without personal involvement.

Zoho also offers AI called Zia which has the ability to gather and analyze data from the CRM system. Apart from finding the information fast Zia can also predict leads and deals, generate reports and do other analysis. It also detects flaws of the sales process and attracts your attention so that the solution is found timely. And in case you are in need of alerts and reminders Zia can also offer you such help.

Capsule CRM software

Capsule crm software

All of the features you might need in a CRM enhanced by a simplistic design can be found in Capsule CRM. It allows to nurture customer relationships, have the full and transparent overview of your current work situation and become successful at winning deals.

Communication with customers and leads becomes easier with contact management system Capsule CRM suggests. Customer cards contain all the information you might need about a particular person you are working with, starting from emails and telephone numbers and up to any specific notes. You can also sort the clients using tags and get easier access to certain categories of customers.

Tracking sales also gets simplified with the help of Capsule CRM. The system is visual but still contains the important details such as stage of the deal, its value and the person responsible for current work. The drag-and-drop system allows to make quick updates on the situation. You also won’t be able to forget about certain activities or deals as, in case you haven’t addressed a task over a set timeline, you will get reminded about it.

It is also possible to get a better insight into the work process with sales reports suggested by Capsule CRM. Chosen activities and data are turned into visual charts which allow to get a clear overview of the situation and detect issues timely. Those can also be used to adjust processes and even out the workflow. At the same time, reports can be used to forecast upcoming deals.

Capsule allows the possibilities to customize the work environment as well, depending on the needs of your particular team. Even in the case you are lacking the fields to fill in client card, you can simply create your own version so that no details are lost. The pipeline can be customized as well, with the attention to the stages and tasks relevant to your business. Even the interface of Capsule CRM can be customized in accordance with your enterprize colour scheme and logo.

And even if you don’t have access to a computer or a laptop at the moment you don’t have to worry as you can continue working on your deals straight from your phone. You can make updates or create reports at the end of the day even if you have already left your workplace. Some features can also be available offline.

Copper CRM software

Copper crm softwre

Copper is a simple yet convenient CRM software which can be integrated with any of G-suite apps. In case you and your sales team use Gmail while working with deals actively, it is especially convenient, since with Copper you can get suggestions on new leads and updates on the older ones just based on your emails.

This CRM system is extremely easy to implement into the working process because of its intuitively understandable interface. It is also adaptable and doesn’t require a long customization process to meet the needs of your team.

Information about leads and customers can be sorted and filtered in various ways which allows to attain the necessary details faster. You can use suggested filters to find what your need or create your own hashtag system. Having easy access to details it becomes much easier to build successful communication and relationships leading to closing the deals. The data is also automatically distributed among workers with the aim to provide clients with the necessary attention as fast as possible.

Managing deals also becomes simpler and more pleasant having the visualization of pipelines. And even if you are working on multiple deals at the same time having a visual breakdown of the situation is not the issue with Copper.

Automation which Copper offers also includes email templates suitable for various stages of working on a deal as well for different communication situations. You can use those as a greeting you send your new customers or if you have a list of frequently asked questions which have a simple solution. Use the templates offered or create your own and save them for further use.

As Copper has automatic G-suite integration, it allows to use each of the apps to its full potential. You can create charts and dashboards with the information from Google Sheets, get updates from Hangout Chats and Gmail, schedule deadlines with Google Calendar and do many more.

Insightly CRM software

Insightly crm software

Insightly is one of the best CRM software which allows to create great relationships with customers and go beyond sealing deals. It improves communication with customers by allowing to learn more about the bonds and links within the company you are working with. When you know how workers are linked you have more chances to have better communication and achieve success faster, because you always know which person to address with certain issues and suggestions.

Again, automation of the workflow is also offered with Insightly as it is an important part of work management not only in sales teams but in businesses generally. Repeated tasks can be reassigned without personal involvement of a manager, timely notifications and alerts won’t let the workers forget about upcoming activities and the things they need to do to lead deals to success.

At the same time mailings and advertisements can also be automated with Insightly. In case you want to send emails to a group of people you can use templates and select the desired number of recipients just in several clicks. Insightly will also collect data connected to your emails and offer a general overview - even such things as the time emails are opened won’t be missed.

Another feature Insightly offers as an online CRM software is the ability to integrate other tools and platforms. If some features you need are lacking in Insightly or you just want a smooth transition from the software you are already using it can be solved just by integrating the tools. This way you can create a comprehensive environment which allows sales managers to have all necessary features all in the same place.

And the final advantage Insightly can offer is availability of the mobile version. That means you should not worry about the place or access to laptops and personal computers. Your teammates can easily access projects and do their work wherever they are.

Freshsales CRM software

Freshsales crm software

Freshsales is a convenient system to use for all of those who are just started on transitioning to CRM management software. It has simple interface which won’t cause any trouble even for inexperienced sales workers. And if your workers want a guideline on how to operate CRM system, Freshsales offers tutorials and support.

The software allows to visualize the sales pipeline and generally sort the deals in the most convenient way. It also breaks down working on a deal onto stages which allows to see how well the processes are going. This also allows real time updates which keep all of the workers integrated and informed.

Sales analytics and forecasting is also available with Freshsales. You can have a look of suggested reports or customize them to pay attention to details which are of the most importance. The visual overview of the deals and work success will allow to detect the flaws and optimize the work process responsively. If you want to get reports from the system regularly it is possible to choose the preferred date or day of the week and set regular control.

Automation of the work process allows to minimize the involvement into mechanical tasks. You can use email templates or create your own ones which will be sent to customers. It is also possible to automate task settings as repeated tasks can be rescheduled and assigned to particular workers.

Conversations and the whole communication process can also be tracked through Freshsales CRM. It allows to make calls, store the recordings you need to get back to as well as get phone activity reports. It also gives the opportunity to redirect calls in case you have a particular worker responsible for certain kind of work.

With Freshsales it is possible to work on deals and close them regardless of the place you are currently in. A mobile application can fully replace the desktop version and allow you to do your job wherever you are. The features are not different at all and the interface is still convenient and easy to use.

The final word

Having a system to optimize the work is very important in businesses nowadays. And tracking and storing the information about sales is not an exception. We hope to help you achieve best results with the best sales CRM software we suggested as even the simplest tool can be extremely beneficial.

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