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Chat Booster Free

Provide high-quality and personalized conversation flows to speed up customers resolutions and scale every part of your business.

Salebot Free

A widget for integrating Bitrix24 and SaleBot. is the most functional service to create different chat bots and pipelines in all the popular social networks and messengers. Integration allows the connection of chat bots in messengers with Leads in Bitrix24, with the possibility to write in chat bot from the Lead, as well as to store any information about the person from the bot and all correspondence with him in the Leads. You need a SaleBot account to configure the integration. Go to and Sign up. Then create the project and in the side bar menu of the project find the tab «Integrations with CRM». Then click on the Bitrix 24 connection and enter the necessary data. Click the link to read full installation description:

Aimylogic Free

Chatbot and calling campaign designer

Call Center Wizard Free

The app for call-center work optimization

Edward. CRM assistant Free

Work more effectively and grow your profit with Edward

Zapier Dashboard Free

Zapier Dashboard is an UI plugin designed to enhance your experience with Zapier for CRM app

URL shortener:,, Free

Automation (activity) to shorten urls via,,

Duplicates no more Free

Duplicates no more is a reliable way to protect your CRM from duplicate leads, deals, etc.

CRMbot Free

CRMbot is an application that generates instant reports and makes work in Bitrix24 even more productive!

Business Process Master Free

Take control of your Bitrix24 workflow with Business Process Master. Supercharge your workflows and enjoy limitless automation possibilities. Discover a vast range of actions to optimize your operations, all without extra charges or limitations.

Telegram Notifications Free

Plugin enables Telegram notifications via bot or business process. Send important notifications with formatting, buttons, media, location, and contacts. Free setup for you or your team.

PINALL Business Process Base Free

PINALL Business Process Base

BPM: Entity Finder Free

Business Process Extension: CRM data search and subsequent data management

ActiveCampaign Free

Subscribe your customers to ActiveCampaign lists with just one automation rule

Generation of xlsx table from smart process element fields Free

Generation of xlsx file consisting of smart process element fields

Nuvemshop Free

Transfer customers, products and orders with Nuvemshop connector

Klaviyo integration Free

Klaviyo marketing automation — now in Bitrix24

B2corCRM Free

Lead export to B2corCRM

VBOUT marketing automation Free

Top ranked AI-powered marketing platform in Bitrix24


Manage customers, products and orders with VTEX connector

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