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Albato Free

A single service for all integrations

Zapier for CRM Free

API-connector for data sync between Bitrix24 CRM & third-party services

Make Free

Connect Bitrix24 with your favorite apps to automate your work.

Integration Hub Free

Connect all your apps

HubSpot Free

Easily sync Bitrix24 CRM customer data without having to manually enter data or do time-consuming imports.

Zapier Dashboard Free

Zapier Dashboard is an UI plugin designed to enhance your experience with Zapier for CRM app

Zapier for Tasks Free

Connect Bitrix24 to thousands of other services and apps supported by Zapier. Work with Tasks: - creation, update or deletion of objects inside Bitrix24 can act as a trigger for another action; - create, update or delete objects inside Bitrix24 as a result of actions in other services or apps.

Integrately Free

Integrately helps you in creating automation with just 1 click. It is built for users who wish to automate their processes quickly and easily.

MailChimp Exporter Free

Export leads, contacts, companies, and deals from Bitrix24 CRM to MailChimp lists(audience) effortlessly with the MailChimp Exporter app. The app works on any Bitrix24 version and on free or commercial MailChimp subscription.

Hubspot Data Sync Free

Import data from Hubspot to Bitrix24 > Unlock the power of seamless data import with Albato: connect Hubspot and Bitrix24 effortlessly!

Trujay Free

Automated CRM Data Migration and Integration Service

SyncPenguin Free

Two-way sync of contacts, tasks and meetings with customizable field mapping and filters

Export App Free

Take data management to a new level with our app for instant data upload to Google Tables. Create appealing dashboards across various tools, facilitating strategic decision-making. Our intuitive application ensures a seamless transition from data upload to dashboard creation, providing control and maximum efficiency. Transform your analytical capabilities with our unique tool.

Fandit Free

Export clients to Fandit easily

Zapier for Communications Free

Connect Bitrix24 to thousands of other services and apps supported by Zapier. Application is tailored for communication: - create messages in Feed and send notifications.

Salesforce Data Migration Free

Complex solution for flawless migration to Bitrix24

B2corCRM Free

Lead export to B2corCRM

Locoia Free

Locoia provides an integration and automation platform for cloud apps and backend systems.

GearPlug Free

Gearplug is a tool that makes it easier to connect different applications. You can use it to create workflows between apps that you never thought were possible to connect.

Unified REST-API Data2CRM.Api Connector Free

Get a unified API to interact with 12+ CRM platforms including Bitrix24.

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