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Check company by NIP Free

Automatic creation of a company by NIP (Tax Identification Number) based on GUS data. Now you don't have to manually enter the company and its data every time. All you need to do is to know your NIP number and all other information - Company name, Country and City, Province and Community, full address with zip code - will be filled in automatically! A check is also performed on the list of VAT payers.

Niper Free

The application allows the integration of Bitrix24 with the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) in order to download current company registration data.


Add and update data of your clients in the company database and LEAD in your CRM. Check the client's status in the GUS database and the European VIES database. Share the application with colleagues without a Bitrix24 account so they can enter new leads into the CRM.

Fandit Free

Export clients to Fandit easily

Polish Name in Vocative Free

This application adds a vocative case of polish first names and information about gender to contacts in Bitrix24 CRM.

Rekvizitai - Lithuanian companies' database Free

Get qualified information about the company registered in Lithuania directly into your Bitrix24 from Add a company and it's details to your customers list within a minute.

CSC Lursoft Free

The plugin for automatic customer data load from Lursoft database.

Gender Detector Free

Automatic detection of customer gender by name for improved marketing and accurate analytics in Bitrix24

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