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Tilda Publishing Free

Tilda is a modular site builder. With Tilda you can create cool websites in a short space of time. Users of Tilda create websites, portfolios, landing pages, presentations and promotional pages for business

Flexbe Free

Integration with Flexbe website and landing page builder

WordPress forms integration Free

Any forms. Official WordPress modules. Simple. Unlimited

Telegram by Whatcrm Free

Connecting Telegram to Bitrix24 allows you to integrate Telegram with your Bitrix24 account, making it easier to communicate with clients and transfer files directly through Open Lines

WordPress WooCommerce store integration Free

Official WooCommerce module. Simple. Unlimited

Google Forms integration Free

Bitrix24 and Google Forms integration. Filling out the form creates a Lead or Deal. Select a matching field.

JotForm Integration Free

Synchronization of JotForm forms with Bitrix24 CRM

InCRM: WhatsApp Free

Top WhatsApp integration, Top price for your business needs

Zapier Dashboard Free

Zapier Dashboard is an UI plugin designed to enhance your experience with Zapier for CRM app

stepFORM — Form & Survey Builder Free

Collect clients’ contact data, carry out marketing surveys and give price estimates of your services with the help of stepFORM

FormDesigner - online web form builder Free

The application allows you to create leads/contacts/transactions in Bitrix24 CRM received via web forms on your site. Forms are created in the visual form editor directly in the Bitrix24 interface. You need to have an account on the website for the application to work.

uCalc — Calculators & Lead Forms Free

Calculating services' costs, collecting and automatically processing orders

MeetMe Free

The app for scheduling meetings through a convenient CRM-form synchronized with employee’s calendar in Bitrix24.

OpenCart integration Free

Ready-made module for CMS OpenCart. Integration in 5 minutes. No limits.

Shopify integration Free

Full integration of Bitrix24 and Shopify shop

Website integration Free

Ready-made modules for CMS. Single API. Integration in 5 minutes. No limits.


Add and update data of your clients in the company database and LEAD in your CRM. Check the client's status in the GUS database and the European VIES database. Share the application with colleagues without a Bitrix24 account so they can enter new leads into the CRM.

[ADIGITRANS] Zalo OA for Bitrix24 Free

The Zalo OA integration application with Bitrix24 helps your system connect directly and unlimitedly with business Zalo OA accounts. In particular, this application allows seamless integration with CRM, Tasks, websites and automation to automate the entire operating process of the system.

Mercado Libre Free

Solution enabling communication with Mercado Libre customers via open channels

Allegro Messenger Free

Allegro Messenger allows you to handle messages and discussions directly in Bitrix24 as a open chat. Each conversation creates a lead and downloads the interlocutor's data from Allegro.

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