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Google Sheets integration Free

Synchronization of Bitrix24 with Google Sheets: automatic upload, division into sub-tables, real-time data update

Bitrix24 Tasks ⇆ MS Excel Free

This application allows you to import/export tasks from Bitrix24 to MS Excel and vice versa.

Import from Excel Free

Applications for uploading data from Excel to CRM Bitrix24

Backup Free

Ensure the safety and security of your data automatically - Run backups of the portal's main data.

CRM Reports by Email Free

This app allows multiple reports to be configured and sent to recipients who are either internal users or external parties as CSV files. Reports can be set for Leads and Deals. For example, a referring person or agent can be sent a report concerning the progress of the leads which were referred by him or her. Any set of fields can be included in the report, and filtering by any fields is supported. Reports are sent daily, weekly, or monthly. Reports can be sent to a dynamic set of recipients, or configured to send to a specified list of emails. Multiple reports are supported.

Export App Free

Take data management to a new level with our app for instant data upload to Google Tables. Create appealing dashboards across various tools, facilitating strategic decision-making. Our intuitive application ensures a seamless transition from data upload to dashboard creation, providing control and maximum efficiency. Transform your analytical capabilities with our unique tool.

Task Importer Free

Bitrix24 app Task Importer is built by MAKE interactive. This app makes it possible to bulk import tasks from a CSV file.

Generation of xlsx table from smart process element fields Free

Generation of xlsx file consisting of smart process element fields

Regular daily portal backup Free

Regular daily portal backup to ensure data safety and integrity.

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