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Commission Calculator Free

The solution allows you to calculate commissions for your sales agents using Bitrix24 CRM

Expenses Free

The Expenses app is designed to track expenses incurred by your employees in Bitrix24

Payment Calendar Free

Your sales managers do not have to fill in any additional fields to get sales analyzed by the Payment Calendar. All analytics is based on already existing CRM invoice data.

Project Expenses Free

"Project Expenses" helps project managers associate project Tasks with project expenses and categories.

Calculator in Deals Free

Module for Deals in Bitrix24 that manages all product costs considering different currencies, while the calculator automatically calculates the marginality of the Deal.

Real Estate Installment Tracking Free

It is an application where you can follow the installments of your real estate.

Smart Finance scripts Free

SMART FINANCE scripts allow recording and saving income and expenses in Bitrix24 deals . You can also calculate the balance and expenses spent on the deal. In addition, it shows the deal's MARGIN.


Transfer customer data and automatically update invoice statuses with VHSYS.

Pabbly Subscription Billing Free

Solution for syncing invoice and customer data between Pabbly and Bitrix24

Chargebee ERP Free

Automated exchange of customers and invoice statuses in Chargebee

Recurly Free

Subscription and customer base management solution for Bitrix24

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