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Deal analytics Free

Analyze deals and identify tight spots that may need improvement.

Customer churn and retention Free

Analyze customer retention and churn

ABC Analysis Free

Identify and prioritize key customers

Deals and products Free

Analyze your sales.

Call analytics Free

Analyze inbound and outbound calls, and related costs and sales

Deal analytics summary Free

Analyze deal data for the required time period. Identify the most efficient customer handling scenarios as well as tight spots that may need improvement.

KPI – Company Efficiency Free

The KPI application helps to plan key performance indicators, observe the situation regarding implementation of the plan in real time, calculate bonuses e.t.c.!

Data Connector Free

Data Connector is a professional solution for BI analytics integration.

Edward. CRM assistant Free

Work more effectively and grow your profit with Edward

Payment Calendar Free

Your sales managers do not have to fill in any additional fields to get sales analyzed by the Payment Calendar. All analytics is based on already existing CRM invoice data.

Telephony calls Free

Telephony calls as PowerBI data source

CRMbot Free

CRMbot is an application that generates instant reports and makes work in Bitrix24 even more productive!

Extractor Free


Universal data source for BI analytics Free

Any CRM data as Google Looker Studio data source

Telephony calls Free

Telephony calls as Google Looker Studio data source

Monitor24 Free

The app displays brief reports based on Bitrix24 data

Telegram Notifications Free

Plugin enables Telegram notifications via bot or business process. Send important notifications with formatting, buttons, media, location, and contacts. Free setup for you or your team.

Call Card Extended information about the client in call details Free

The application allows you to edit customer data directly from the call details.

CRM Reports by Email Free

This app allows multiple reports to be configured and sent to recipients who are either internal users or external parties as CSV files. Reports can be set for Leads and Deals. For example, a referring person or agent can be sent a report concerning the progress of the leads which were referred by him or her. Any set of fields can be included in the report, and filtering by any fields is supported. Reports are sent daily, weekly, or monthly. Reports can be sent to a dynamic set of recipients, or configured to send to a specified list of emails. Multiple reports are supported.

Business Analyzer Free

This application combines many different analysis tools around your Bitrix application which is continuously developed and extended.

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